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Gabrielle Noe'l is an Independent Singer & Songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. She appeared in Hollywood Week on Season 14 of American Idol, sang the National Anthem for the MN Timberwolves in 2021, and has worked with many creatives on a multitude of projects in between. 

With her distinctively captivating voice, Gabrielle Noe'l is now creating and releasing original music, which can be described as inspiring, authentic, and melodically harmonious within the realms of Contemporary R&B, Alternative Indie-Pop, Inspirational and Contemporary New-Age. Her lyrics are powerful and subtly abstract and her messages carry intriguing and intentional depth. 

Gabrielle Noe’l has journeyed to discover her voice, and with her findings, she intends on spreading nothing but truth, inspiration, love, peace, connection and healing. 

Her latest project, ‘100 Blocks’ is being described as powerful, admirable, and necessary. Both the song and visual speak to the social injustice issues we have in our world, and provide suggestive solutions and hope for our future. ‘100 Blocks’ is now available on all platforms.

What are people saying?

"Wow wow wow! I am always just so amazed by you. Your voice, your lyrics...Just wow!"

"This girl never fails to amaze me!" 

"Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the us. I only pray the world can experience your beauty."

"By the end of this song, I could feel it in my SOUL! Get ready to say “WOW!”

Gabrielle Noe'l has the voice of an Angel. THANK YOU, Gabrielle for sharing your gifts. I am in awe! "


What do the professionals have to say?

"Gabrielle Noe'l has one of those voices that makes you just want to stop what you're doing and listen."

"This young lady is going places!"

"Gabrielle Noe'l is purely incredible. It is hard to believe she has had no formal training."

"You have a responsibility to share your God-given gift with the rest of us."

What does Gabrielle Noe'l want us to know?

"I am just so grateful and humbled by the amount of love and support I receive from everyone. I must thank God for showing me that the gifts he gave me can be used in positive and impactful ways. I want nothing more than to heal and to help heal, to connect and to unite, to praise and to sing, to love and to spread joy."


"You want sight? Close your eyes"

-Gabrielle Noe'l


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